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EV Life Best Rate Guarantee
EV Life Best Rate Guarantee

Find a lower EV interest rate—we’ll match it & give you $50.

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EV Life Best Rate Guarantee: Find a lower EV interest rate—we’ll match it & give you $50.

If you find a lower interest rate on EV financing within 30 days of loan application approval, we’ll match it and give you a $50 credit on your first month’s loan statement.*

Plus, EV Life financing also helps you maximize & file your tax credits rebates, bundle your home charger, and score a monthly rate lower than a traditional auto loan.

*Terms and Conditions

If you receive a fully approved offer for an auto loan with a lower interest rate elsewhere, EV Life will match the interest rate and give you a $50 credit on your first month’s loan statement (the “Best Rate Guarantee”).

  1. Qualifications. To qualify for EV Life’s price match guarantee, you must:

    1. Be an EV Life Loan applicant.

    2. Submit a full application and be approved for an EV Life Loan powered by EV Life through our lending partner, Modern Financial.

    3. Present the competing loan offer to EV Life within thirty (30) days of receiving the loan offer from EV Life.

    4. The competing offer must:

      1. Be a fully approved loan (not a pre-qualification) priced in USD, including taxes and fees;

      2. Include vehicle purchase price, make and model of vehicle, and loan terms identical to the EV Life loan including matching duration and down payment of the EV Life loan offer;

      3. Be available to the general public. Offers not available to the general public include, but are not limited to, private loans, membership rate discounts, occupation rate discounts, bundled discounts, and other terms that are only available to a limited segment of borrowers.

  2. Restrictions

    1. The Best Rate Guarantee applies to loan interest rate only, and does not apply to APR, or any other terms of your loan.

    2. EV Life will determine in its sole discretion the accuracy and validity of the presented loan payment in order to determine whether it will be matched. If EV Life finds that a competitor's loan offer is not accurately presented, it has no obligation to match the interest rate.

    3. EV Life, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to not match any such competing monthly loan payment. If EV Life chooses to decline said match, EV Life will offer a $100 Visa gift card for finding a interest rate. If EV Life decides not to match the rate, applicant will submit a final completed vehicle purchase agreement before the expiration of the EV Life Loan approval in order to receive the $100 gift card.

  3. To submit a claim:

    1. Submit your claim within 30 days of receiving EV Life’s loan offer through this online form.

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