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Can I apply with a Co-Signer?
Can I apply with a Co-Signer?

Co-signer rules for EV Climate Loans

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EV Life is able to accept co-signers for loans in most circumstances, as long as the co-signers are living in the same household. The process for including a co-signer will vary depending on the situation.

If both signers' income is necessary to support the loan or if the second applicant is supporting the credit profile, the second applicant will also need to go through an application process. Please alert us to the desire to include a co-applicant by sending an email to or calling 916-538-4776.

We will provide instructions for how to include a second applicant. Upon receiving both applications we will review the loan on a combined basis.

If neither the co-signer's income nor credit profile is needed to support the loan, we can add the second person to the loan after the approval process and before the loan closing. You can alert us anytime in the application process ( or 916-538-4776) and we will coordinate the co-signer before closing.

In both instances, we will need to collect identification information for any co-signer prior to including them on the loan and closing the loan.

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